Interior Design

Interior design is the key to a successful interface between users and their environment. For us, interior design is always about achieving harmony and balance between the elements that derive from the interplay of interior and exterior space. Corporate design, materials, color, acoustics and communication in space are just some of the key aspects to consider in an integrated interior design concept. The aim is always to create an atmosphere that appeals to the occupiers and has a positive influence on them. Through careful analysis and investigation of day-to-day processes in that space, we devise innovative interior concepts for its utilization. This step-by-step approach ensures our clients receive a tailor-made solution, one that is not only perfectly adapted to their needs but also emphasizes their visual identity. For this kind of approach, we need to keep up to date with all the latest developments: We research new materials and production technologies, track the latest trends and keep adding to our extensive collection of materials. All with the aim of being able to offer sustainable solutions to our clients.

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8229 just burgeff f

Woehlerstrasse 6-10



Coffee point hoehle 1

Bilfinger building, Rhine-Main

An der welle 4

An der Welle 4

 mg 5320

Baltique Deli

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Alte Bruecke 2

Herriotstrasse 1 kopie

Herriotstrasse 4

Fbc 02

Frankfurter Buerocenter

Festeburggemeinde 4

Festeburg Congregation


Bettinastrasse 53-55




Swedish Church

 mg 7656

Dreikoenig Congregation

1211 ellerhoehe 4