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Experts in real estate and office spaces

Just/Burgeff Architects are recognized experts in the office segment. For over ten years – and with well over 50 completed projects and 120,000 sqm of planned rental space to our name – JBA work at the interface between real estate and working environments. We specialize in the fitting out of high-rise office buildings and can deliver even the most complex projects to a tight time schedule.

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Balance between landlord and tenant

The market in office space has two sides: the landlord, and the tenant. Often their interests are diametrically opposed. With its deep understanding of both markets JBA can align these two sets of requirements in a way that suits both parties.

Consultancy for landlords

JBA advise real estate owners on how to optimize their property assets. With our knowledge of the needs of the rental market, we can transform existing buildings into the kind of efficient, modern office space that appeals to today's corporate tenants. Drawing on a palette of targeted and highly efficient refurbishment measures, we unlock the potential of valuable realty and reposition it in the market. At JBA we address all the relevant issues, including the all-important subject of fire protection, which is of prime concern in renovation and modernization. Our own in-house fire protection team is involved in projects from the start, to ensure no complications arise in later planning stages.

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Design enhancement

JBA offer innovative answers to the recurring themes in enhancing the design of rental space: facades, entrance situations, way-showing and reception areas. When commissioned to reinvigorate or renovate a building, we place great emphasis on cohesion in the overall building concept, taking into account all aspects of relevance to modern office buildings. From an early stage in such change processes we coordinate our ideas and proposals closely with the marketing objectives. 

Transforming rental space

JBA specialize in planning and implementing refurbishment projects. In particular high-rises, including projects where the tenants remain in place during the ongoing work. Over the years we have built up a unique portfolio of expertise in all the aspects that affect project planning and success, e.g. site logistics and noise and tenant management. We aim to transform existing buildings into modern, sustainable office space with strong tenant appeal. In older buildings especially this is the key to successfully repositioning existing space on the market.

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Consultancy for tenants

JBA, as experts in office space, advise their clients on how to optimize office organization, including conducting the relevant needs analyses and developing workplace strategies – long before an architectural project starts or leases are signed. We listen carefully to our clients, analyze their processes and work with them to optimize their space requirements, taking into consideration the latest office concepts. But not every building will work with every office concept. In cooperation with leading brokerage firms, we evaluate the properties on the market and assess their suitability for meeting our clients' needs.

Office design and fit-out for tenants

JBA design and implement office concepts, from floor plans to interior and corporate design. Our design and project management team supports the tenant not only in questions of architectural design, but also as regards budget planning and monitoring, time management, integration of media technology and IT, right through to selecting and purchasing furniture. In this way we can offer our clients a comprehensive service for all their planning needs – be it for newly leased space or upgrading existing offices.

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Interior Design and corporate design

JBA create customized designs with great precision and attention to detail. In each case the result is perfectly aligned with the client's needs. We have a particular passion for corporate design, the spatial expression of a brand. Our team of architects, interior and communication designers finds just the right solution for each client, one that communicates the essence of the company through an atmosphere and spatial design that appeals to and motivates all employees.