Fire protection

Fire protection demands special know-how. At JBA we have an in-house fire-protection expert who advises at an early stage in all projects, at that crucial interface between the design and the building. We coordinate our plans closely with the fire protection authorities and draw up fire protection concepts and certificates, as well as reports on technical aspects of fire protection. JBA also offers its clients this fire-protection expertise as a separate service, available as required on an individual basis. Call us for further details.


Brandschutztechnische Beratung Liederbacher Straße 23-29 Frankfurt am Main 2018

Brandschutzkonzept Karl-Albert-Straße 42 Frankfurt am Main 2018

Brandschutztechnische Beratung Elisabethenstraße 32-36 Bad Vilbel 2018

Brandschutzkonzept Neubau Heizzentrale Bad Homburg 2018


Wielandstrasse 15 Frankfurt am Main 2017


Brandschutzkonzept Heidestraße 50 Frankfurt am Main 2017

Brandschutzkonzept Rebstöcker Straße 33 Frankfurt am Main 2017

Brandschutzkonzept Weserstraße 4 Frankfurt am Main 2017


Brandschutztechnische Beratung Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt am Main 2017

Brandschutzkonzept Hauptwache B-Ebene Frankfurt am Main 2017

Bethany Church Frankfurt am Main 2017

Mainzer Landstrasse 209 Frankfurt am Main 2017

Nursery Vatterstrasse 5 Frankfurt am Main 2017

Study Annex HfMDK Frankfurt am Main 2016

Fire Protection Project Breite Strasse 25 Düsseldorf 2016

Fire Protection Project Reichstrasse 19 Leipzig 2016

Study An der Staufenmauer Frankfurt am Main 2015

Alte Bruecke 2 Frankfurt am Main 2016

Frankfurter Ruderverein von 1865 e.V.

Dudenstrasse 46 Mannheim 2016

Woehlerstrasse 6-10 Frankfurt am Main 2016

Festeburg Congregation Frankfurt am Main 2016

Bilfinger building, Rhine-Main Neu-Isenburg 2016

Fire Protection Project Burg Hohensolms Hohenahr 2015

Herriotstrasse 4 Frankfurt am Main 2015

Fire Protection Project Jean-Paul-Strasse 19 Frankfurt am Main 2015