New build

New build opens up new perspectives. Modern building methods, innovative technologies and sustainable materials offer us brand new possibilities in the way we build. But for us, a new building must also take account of its context: the immediate environment, the city, the local community, etc. These factors play into our design – just as we, with our design, also have an impact on that context. 

 j1a5639 u5 glauburgstrasse f copy

Train stop, U5 line

 dsc8914 kl

Bethany Church

2 bet kita fassade erweiterung ansichten


Fbc 02

Frankfurter Buerocenter

1307 karlstein 7

Color Service

1204 wohnen herriot 2

Study Residential Buildings Herriotstrasse

Lippstadt innenraum final  copy

Competition Comprehensive School Lippstadt

1137 wetzlar 3

Competition Vocational School Wetzlar