New build

New build opens up new perspectives. Modern building methods, innovative technologies and sustainable materials offer us brand new possibilities in the way we build. But for us, a new building must also take account of its context: the immediate environment, the city, the local community, etc. These factors play into our design – just as we, with our design, also have an impact on that context. 

Bethany Church Frankfurt am Main 2017

KiTa Bethaniengemeinde Frankfurt am Main 2018

Evangelischer Regionalverband Frankfurt

Train stop, U5 line Frankfurt am Main 2016

Karlstein Color Service Karlstein 2014

Study Residential Buildings Herriotstrasse Frankfurt am Main 2014

Competition Brezelstand Mannheim 2013

Competition Comprehensive School Lippstadt Lippstadt 2012

Competition Vocational School Wetzlar Wetzlar 2012

Competition Praunheim Parish Frankfurt am Main 2012

Study Campus Oberhafen Frankfurt am Main 2010

Competition Zeil 123 Frankfurt am Main 2010

Competition Campus Bockenheim Depot Frankfurt am Main 2010

Frankfurter Buerocenter Frankfurt am Main 2007