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Just/Burgeff Architects – a team of 30 people, colleagues and friends. Managing partners Malte Just and Till Burgeff founded the office in 2003 in the heart of Frankfurt. In 2016 they were joined by Joachim Frings and Olaf Winckler as managing directors. Combining expertise in architecture, interior design and engineering, the team is organized on an interdisciplinary basis. What we all share is a passion for designing spaces, and an understanding of processes and users.

Unfolding potential

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Creating atmosphere

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Living teamwork

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Managing Partner: Malte Just //

Managing Directors: Joachim Frings / Olaf Winckler / Benedikt Völker//

Design and Construction: Nils Adam / Mihaela Airinei / Nadine Aschenbrücker / Alexander Berkmann / Robert Bösche / Christof Bühler / Corinne Castagnotto / Isabel Frickel / Denise Fuhr / Theresa Flink / David Gutiérrez Arias / Florian Hübscher / Carina Jostmeyer / Konstantin Kirstein / Estefanía Muñoz / Esther Peñarrocha / Pardis Ravari / Saschka Rosemann / Begüm Şener / Jacob Schairer / Yusef Shirazi / Alexandra Vollmer / Moritz Walter / Thomas Wecke //

Office Management: Inga Lange // 

Press and Public Relations: Charlotte Titze //

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Showing character

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