In the Frankfurter Berg district of Frankfurt, a new community building is to be added to the site of an existing church, former parish house and children's day nursery, to create a coherent ensemble for the Bethany Church congregation. The final design, finished in 2016, emerged from an architectural competition.

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Lageplan Bethaniengemeinde

Community building and children's day nursery

Place Frankfurt am Main

Size Areal: 1.800 Quadratmeter

Employees Robert Bösche, Eun Joon Jang, Swetlana Kasemir, Thomas Wecke, Chris von Racknitz, Benedikt Völker, Aleš Vojkůvka

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A solitaire with a folded roof

Bethany Church

Embedded in an established residential estate, the new building differs in terms of form from surrounding typologies. As a solitaire with a distinctive folded roof the new community building also contrasts with the adjacent listed Bethany Church. In doing so, it underscores its function as the public face of the church community, containing both a community hall and parish and church office. Via an extensively glazed main facade the building opens up towards the public spaces; its main entrance faces onto the courtyard next to the church. The newly designed open space becomes a link between the local community and the church and can also be used for seasonal markets and events.

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Children's Day Nursery

The second part of the project – to renovate and extend the children's day nursery to provide room for two crèche groups – takes up the theme of folded surfaces. Landscape-like, the green roof of the building integrates well with the small gardens of the nearby housing. During the building phase, an interim solution was found in the form of containers.

Folded surfaces continue

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