Introducing a more urban feel was the aim with a Bilfinger company building located in a business park in Neu-Isenburg, just to the south of Frankfurt. Core elements in the overall concept for the communal areas are the entrance foyer and canteen as well as the newly designed tea kitchens.

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We make it urban

Coffee point dachterrasse

Same but different

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Place Neu-Isenburg

Size Coffee Points: 15 x 50 Quadratmeter

Employees Simone Uhrig, Gerd Hajnek, Rémi Jalade, Susan Kaiser

Year 02.2016

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Three zones, fifteen looks

More than a conventional tea kitchen

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The basic floor plan, divided into three zones – dining area, kitchen and lounge – goes far beyond the conventional idea of a tea kitchen. In the center is the kitchen cell, with a stand-alone island facing an integrated unit with counter and storage. Kitchen equipment and a digital info board are integrated into the wall. An acoustic ceiling caters for the different requirements of the individual spaces. 

Eating together around the table

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Dining area

Like in a family home, this space contains a table around which people can sit to eat. A wall of pictures echoes the colors of the chairs and oak lends a homely atmosphere.

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Lounge for chatting and relaxing


Opposite is a lounge area, a space for relaxation, with bench, free-standing armchairs and coffee tables. Each of the coffee points has a unique and individual identity, with its own color concept continued on surfaces, textiles, furniture and lamps: same but different.

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Coffee point dachterrasse

Other areas: Foyer, restaurant and conference

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Jba bilfinger restaurant
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