Conference Center at the mainBuilding

Centrally located in the Frankfurt banking district and embedded in the exclusive complex of the mainBuilding, the Conference Center offers high standard multimedia conference areas distinguished by a high level of flexibility, quality and functionality. Thanks to the four newly designed conference rooms as well as the installation of a plaza as the central hub of the premises, a communicative place has been created in its entirety, which has taken away the previous transit character of the Conference Center and equally promotes the exchange of ideas and its lounge character. 

Nice to meet you


Light and lighting installations were also used playfully. While a continuous light line on the ceiling from the mainBuilding’s lobby into the Conference Center forms an essential part of the visitor’s guidance system, a dynamically staged photograph welcomes the visitor. The integration into a light box adds a special touch to the image and adds depth to the entrance into the main area – the plaza.


From the lounge area, which is located between the multifunctional furniture and the façade, one gets a view of the various meeting rooms and at the same time a direct view of the inner courtyard and its calm and harmonious design.

Meeting Point


The space-structuring furniture forms the heart of the plaza. It combines meeting point, lounging elements and a coffee bar and thus becomes multifunctional. It is a place to linger and a meeting point at the same time. The special interplay of light, surfaces and textures adds depth to the furniture, underlining its distinguished characteristics in the room.


Each of the four meeting rooms has its own charm and offers different solutions to a variety of meeting scenarios. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to rent the appropriate room via a newly integrated room booking system. All rooms are equipped with a wireless transmission system, which allows for wireless presentations as well as other variable usage scenarios.

Stay connected


Adjacent to the plaza lays a meeting room that creates a connection from inside to outside through its glass partition. This allows the visitor to see through to both sides of the Conference Center thus allowing participation in the action of the interior and exterior space. 


Place Frankfurt/Main

Size 405 m2

Employees Nadine Aschenbrücker, Susan Kaiser, Robert Bösche, Philipp Tengler, Katrin Stöhr, Swetlana Kasemir, Alexandra Vollmer

Year 09.2020

Insights with an outlook

Not only the complete restructuring of the floor plan contributed to the redesign of the Conference Center, but also the redesign of the furniture and the development of a new color concept for all areas. As a modern translation of the classic Roman travertine facade and the austerity of the building with its green courtyards, the muted natural tones and green are echoed in the interior. As a contrast, the color black is used in the profiles of the system partitions, the doors and in the lighting. 

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Photography: Kirsten Bucher

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