Häuser der Mode

Just/Burgeff Architekten developed a new design concept for the redesign of Häuser der Mode, located in Eschborn near Frankfurt/Main. Thanks to a renewed color and lighting concept, the existing building of the headquarters of Häuser der Mode, established in 1972, was creatively rethought and modernized. 

Design Enhancement

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The result is a fashion center that now meets contemporary requirements and continues to distinguish itself within the fashion industry. Good accessibility on a regional and international level gives the fashion house its cosmopolitan character, which has now been translated into its interior design and outward appearance, allowing visitors to discover the approximately 800 collections and labels in a new surrounding.

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The modernization of the premises has focused on the entrance and circulation areas on the ground floor. The design enhancement of the lobby area has given the center a new face. Just in time for Fashion Week 2021, the reception area presents itself as a flagship for the Häuser der Mode and guides visitors into the central lobby along the newly incorporated catwalk. The large screen wall behind the catwalk offers labels the opportunity to present themselves and can also be used as advertising space for various events or sponsorships. 

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Dynamic Chains

The info point on the ground floor was spatially separated from the lobby by installing an elegantly woven chain curtain made of aluminum mesh. This element also hangs above the catwalk and, thanks to the new lighting, makes it the unique selling point of the lobby. Furthermore, the dynamic installation of the chain curtain creates movement towards the center of the lobby. 

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The new lounge area in the mezzanine with a direct view of the catwalk and the digital presentation wall round off the reception area and invite visitors to linger. 

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The polished granite floor was bush hammered and brushed to create a matte surface appearance. A rosé tone based on the granite floor sets the chromatic accent in the new design. The red tone of the granite, which is now less intense due to the matte finish, is the central theme throughout the entire interior concept. The expressive color concept is also reflected in the new corporate design of the HdM. Lighting situations and the filigree design of the new guidance graphics complete the new corporate identity. 

Place Eschborn/Frankfurt am Main

Size ca. 1000 m2

Employees Corinne Castagnotto, Gabriele Kaehlbrandt, Susan Kaiser, Marcus Kistner, Katrin Stöhr, Claudia Zimmermann

Year 06.2021

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A central design and conceptual element here are the slats. They define the main guiding walls that lead the way from the lobby in building 4 to the main entrance and reception and can be found again in various areas in the form of wayfinding graphics and visitor information, which will support the recognition value and the orientation of visitors. In addition to the implementation of the new wayfinding system in the underground garages, the lift landings were also renewed.

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The clear and open structures are not only reflected in the newly created color coherence, but also in the reconceptualization of the lobby in House 4. With the development of the gallery on the second floor, possibilities for open workspaces have been created - mobile working is thus now finding its way into the Häuser der Mode. A lounge area along the gallery also offers the possibility of holding smaller informal meetings on site. The area can be used by sellers as a drop-out workspace outside of the store space, as well as by customers passing through, and is completed by individual seating islands, as well as a workstation in the form of a counter, which overlooks the gallery. 

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Corporate Design und Leitsystem: unit-design

Photography: Kirsten Bucher

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