Just/Burgeff Architekten conducted an overall makeover of a law firms office space, centrally located near the Offenbach market square. All of the office areas were reinterpreted within this Interior Design project.

Open reception

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The office as a whole has been visually enlarged through some changes in the oficce space's layout. This is especially evident in the new receptipn area, in which the layout was previously based around a centrally located reception counter. The new counter is now located at the nack of the entrance foyer, whilst also now blending in with the overall color scheme, adding additional depth to the space. In place of the former reception now stands an impressive multicolored art object that invites people to sit down funcitoning as a piece of statement furniture. 

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Multifunctional Waiting and Lounge Area

The former glass partition wall that separated the waiting and reception area from the main entrance has been replaced with a floor-to-ceiling textile curtain. The advantage over the previous partition is not only the visual opening of the room, but also the possibility of repurposing the waiting area for a more discreet reception by drawing the curtain withput disturbing the normal workflow. The result is a multifunctional waiting and lounge area. 

The office space has been enlivened thanks to a new color concept and has thus gained in brightness. The aim was to increase the quality of stay within the premises. 

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Client Knolle® Societät Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB

Place Offenbach/Main

Size 340 m2

Employees Katrin Stöhr, Philipp Tengler, Marcus Kistner

Year 01.2021

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The already present art collection of the law firm was considered and integrated as part of the redesign. As a participating company, the office's collection with a strong focus on contemporary artists has already been open to the public as part of the initiative "Kunstprivat!". By presenting the artworks in new locations and the improved lightening and color scheme, each room has been given its own appearance, creating a visual separation between the different office areas.

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Photos: Kirsten Bucher

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