Train stop, U5 line

The heavily used local train service between Frankfurt city center and the district of Preungesheim is being upgraded to provide barrier-free access. JBA's design for the 'Glauburgstrasse' stop on the U5 line emerged from a design-and-build competition organized by VGF, Frankfurt's public transport company. Informed by the particular urban situation of this stop, an idea developed that goes beyond simply providing a platform and shelter for the waiting passengers.

Unfolding urban space

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 j1a5676 u5 glauburgstrasse f
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A special feature of this train stop will be the canopies over the platforms – without an identifiable front or back, they look in the design like free-standing sculptures or furniture.

BauNetz in "Next Stop: Origami"
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Place Frankfurt am Main

Size Dächer: 2 x 40 Quadratmeter, Bahnsteige: 2 x 375 Quadratmeter, 2 x 635 Quadratmeter Nebenanlagen

Employees Robert Bösche, Rémi Jalade, Eun Joon Jang, Swetlana Kasemir, Christian Seemann

Year 10.2016

Dematerializing construction

Interacting with the triangular folding of the outer envelope of coated steel sheet, the steel frame works like two funnels raised up on stilts. The folded roof surfaces direct the rainwater down inside the columns, a panel of safety glass behind the seats provides additional protection from the elements. This dematerialization dispenses with the conventional vision of a shelter with a front and a back, it fulfills its function instead with a sculpture-like presence that has both identity and high visibility. Accessible from all sides, this distinctive new urban furniture becomes part of a newly modulated public space – the stop, the pavements and the immediate environment become a single entity.

with: Freiraum X (landscape architecture), Bollinger + Grohmann (structural engineering)

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