Just Burgeff Architects designed for the Westendduo the public space, the foyer, the reception room and the underground parking. Based on a detailed analysis we have developed an enhancement of the entrance situation and the foyer. The concept includes indicators, floor plan schemes and occupancy variants. Our developed concept  revaluates the public space, provides a precise orientation in the underground parking, creates an atmospheric light concept, which refers to the facade form, and a welcoming reception room.

New Shine of the Entrance Hall

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A new clarity was designed by reducing and simplifying the entrance hall. This was achieved by selecting new material and developing a clear colour concept: For the floor black stone is used, the wall is covered with white glass and corresponds with the white metal ceiling and the panels of the tenants, which are black on white. High end quality of material and the purity reflects a timeless modern design.

Form Follows Architecture

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A specially developed light object developed by us makes the room between the reception an the staircase to an enjoyable place to pass or to stay.

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In the foyer we have created an individual controllable light concept, which gives the space a dynamic and diverse shining. The lights are put decently on the ceiling and the wall. In the morning the lights shine in a warm tone, which correspond to the biorhythm. The light increases with blue percentage during the day, which is helpful for the day activities. The light changes to a warmer tone with a lower illumination towards evening.

Playful Light

Place Frankfurt am Main

Size ca. 500 m2

Employees Tatjana Gorbachewskaja, Gerd Hajnek, Susan Kaiser, Konrad Melzer, Benedikt Völker, Thomas Wecke, Marcus Kistner

Year 07.2019

03 eingangshalle 171010 website

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